Our JUSTICE shirt exists to raise awareness of failures in the criminal justice system, to promote the need for JUSTICE in all situations, and to support the mission and hard work of Innocence Project New Orleans.

Founded in 2001, Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO) represents innocent, life-sentenced prisoners in Louisiana and Mississippi at no cost to them or their loved ones. During its first 17 years, IPNO freed or exonerated 28 innocent prisoners, who served over 573 years in Louisiana and Mississippi’s prisons between them.

Of the 28 cases, all of the defendants were young black men, none of them were given a trial where the presentation of evidence lasted more than one day, and yet all except two were sentenced to life in prison. All were innocent of the crimes with which they were charged. 

Proceeds from sales will directly support IPNO. We'll continually work to build the campaign and develop future JUSTICE products. 


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