Compassion New Orleans

Posted on February 13, 2017

The lives all all living beings can be enriched through the cultivation of compassion.

For DNO, some level of compassionate consideration is given to all decisions that are made. The hope for us is that by staying in touch with our capacity for compassion, we're able to bring love to all of our actions. We sincerly believe that acting from a place of love will all us to grow and build more fully with all people.



The Compassion New Orleans shirts are a perfect ecample of love brought to action. Created in collaboration with Lara Naughton and Compassion NOLA. A percentage of proceeds benefit Innocence Project New Orleans



To be compassionate is to be a visionary.

Practicing compassion involves recognizing when suffering is present in others; responding with empathy; seeing beyond the suffering and holding a vision for healing; and being willing to help.

Compassion can be practiced and trained. Compassion can be your radical choice even in the most difficult circumstances. Through compassion, you connect with others and liberate yourself.

Where can you offer compassion today?



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