Perspective and Potholes with Alex Smith (blvxmth)

Posted on July 13, 2017

Photographer Alex Smith has a unique point of view – one which we truly appreciate. We recently had the opportunity to talk with him about his perspective and what photography means to him.

Photo by KM

So — why do you make images? What are you trying to say with your photos?

AlexI choose the visual plane to compose within for its many spacial relationships that translate into very real meanings, and mostly because I feel that illustrations are easiest for the viewer to enter. As well as it is exactly what I am trying to change – perspectives – through sharing my perspective.

As an artist, I also feel I have the duty to depict the times in which we are living in. I see us all as one — linked. I see my duty in this realm as to illustrate that. I realized why we see a lot of things the way we do, and often we are told what to see. Who is in control of this? Since I am the identity present, actively making decisions on all the visual recordings produced by blvxmth, I am in control.

To answer your question, I make images to share information. I choose the visual plane because often the form fits the function of the image, and through the images I capture I'm asserting what I consider beauty. This information, in my opinion, is of a supreme quality and is a reminder of what shapes how we see ourselves in relation to others and why we all must stay vigilant.

What inspires you most about New Orleans?

Alex: Potholes

Below is some of Alex's most recent work.

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