Year of The Goat

Posted on May 18, 2015

The 10th edition of NOizeFest took place on Sunday, May 3rd for the first time ever outside of founder Michael Patrick Welch’s Bywater backyard. Instead it went down in the confines of Brechtel Park on a beautiful patch of Algiers known as Scout Island, which for the day was christened Goat Island in honor of MPW’s recently departed companion Chauncey Gardner.

Jude and Rob of In The Skin of the Buffalo performed as "It's Off Track Betting!!!"

NOIZEFEST’S LINEUP IS OPEN TO ALL. AS PERFORMERS ARRIVE THEY SIGN UP ON A LARGE FOAMCORE BOARD. As usual, the lineup included a wide range of acts representing the full electro-acoustical spectrum of sound. This year for the first time there was also a kids area with crafts and instruments. Artists dragged speakers, tables and noisemakers out to any corner of the park they wanted. Many of the same artists come together each year just for NOizeFest – giving it a real reunion vibe.

True heads Micronaut, Jaime Kalal and Ray Bong.

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There are no rules or suggestions on how to experience NOizeFest. Sets can be enjoyed up close or listened to from afar – with sounds from different ends of the park bleeding into each other. The “no drum kits” rule (basically the only rule of the day) kept the sound levels restrained. The trees, water and surrounding nature worked to defuse the tones and gently spread sound through the park. People moved around with the ever-changing, artist defined performance areas, ate and drank in the shade while talking with friends, and listened from surrounding walking trails.


Ablebody. Photo courtesy of Michael Patrick Welch

Like any other great Louisiana festival NOizefest is more than just music. MO FROM HOWLPOP SET UP A RACK OF ARTFULLY DISTRESSED COSTUMES and there was live screenprinting of NOizeFest posters and shirts. There was also free food -- hot dogs and hot sausage on the grill, plus tacos and watermelon -- served from a bar with free beer provided by Dos Equis. It’s also a completely family and pet friendly affair. Goats from MPW and Morgana King’s Y’Herd Me? landscaping company prowled the perimeter (just out of reach of the NOize) and face painted kids ran wild to make some noize of their own.

NOizeFest 2015: It's Off Track Betting!!! from DNO on Vimeo.