Posted on May 03, 2015

Eating boiled crawfish is the official spring pastime of New Orleans. Nothing is better than standing around a table covered in hot, spicy crawfish with close friends and family, cold beer in hand. The season is short, typically lasting from early-March to sometime in June, so we eat them as often as possible while they're around.

Of course the best boiled crawfish comes from whatever backyard boil we can get invited to. But on weekends when we can’t make that happen we like to take a bag to go and a couple of cold ones to a levee, park, the Lakefront, or The Fly.

Bevi Seafood Co.

4701 Airline Drive, Metairie, LA

Bevi Seafood Co. has only been open a few years but in a short period of time it has established itself as one of the best places for boiled seafood in the area. Some cite the Hawks-style purging and sorting method the staff employ to prep their bugs as the critical differentiator. Whatever they’re doing, the results are magical.

Expect extra-juicy, perfectly spicy crawfish paired with just-right sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, corn, and garlic. Grab a cold one and have a seat at the ample bar. You can also take it to nearby Lafreniere Park to soak up the deep-Metry vibes.

Cajun Seafood

1479 N. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, LA

The original Cajun Seafood on Broad and Washington is probably one of the busiest boiled seafood joints in the city year-round. You can smell the boil a block away, which is how far you’ll have to walk due to people literally double-parking to cram inside. The thing to order here is crawfish, sausage, and turkey wings & necks.

It’s not really a great place to sit down and it’s not meant to be. Instead, squeeze into the back of the line, order a bag full of the good stuff, then get back into your car and drive up to City Park or Bayou St. John to enjoy.

The Galley

2535 Metairie Rd, Metairie, LA

It’s not common to find great crawfish at a sit-down, full-service restaurant but these guys pull it off. Although mostly known for their fried seafood mastery (they’ve been serving up fried softshell crab po-boys at the Jazz Fest for years), The Galley also always has boiled seafood on the menu.

During crawfish season when we find ourselves stuck in traffic on Metairie Road it’s a no-brainer to stop in for a platter of boiled crawfish & shrimp with a giant mug of frosty beer.

J & J Seafood

632 Franklin Ave, Gretna, LA

The brothers Jackson at J & J serve the juiciest of the juicy and the spiciest of the spicy crawfish. They are also some of the nicest and most personable dudes around. Stop in and order a fat bag full of crawfish, turkey necks, and boudin then head up to the Algiers Point levee to enjoy the majesty of the Mississippi River.

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