Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration

Posted on June 13, 2016

In April we headed south to Grand Isle for the annual Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration. The three-day event celebrates the arrival of thousands of migratory birds from their winter homes in South and Central America. Grand Isle is often the first strip of land the birds come across during their long journey, and witnessing their mass migration through Louisiana was time well spent. 

Indigo Bunting

(L) Summer Tanager sitting in a mulberry tree. This species travels to Louisiana from as far south as Bolivia (R) Prothonotary Warbler resting in a thicket. This species will continue to migrate as far north as Toronto

Scarlet Tanager eating mulberries

“Open Yard” signs can be spotted across Grand Isle

A group of birders posts up in an open yard

A group of birdwatchers wrapping up a guided tour through Lafitte Woods Preserve

After birds are caught, they are placed in cloth bags and wait impatiently for their turn to be logged and released

An Indigo Bunting gets banded

A Hooded Warbler’s wingspan is measured before being released

Scarlet Tanager in flight

Words and photos by Elena Ricci